F.A.Qs  embrace residential and commercial environments as there are close correlations between the two.  

Q:  What are your hours of operation?

A:  9 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Hours of operation may be extended under special circumstances and for completion of work on the jobsite.

Q:  What is your ability to respond?

A:  For daytime operational hours any customer inquiry receives immediate response (if the call is placed by phone.) If a voice-mail message is left for us we generally respond to the call within 2 – 4 hours. If we cannot contact you we will leave you a message to verify we are responding to your call.

For after hours and weekend service, please call by phone. If we miss you, we will return your call as soon as possible. We will make several attempts to reach you and try again Monday morning.

Rush jobs are handled on a case by case basis. The availability of supplies may influence response time. We will do everything possible to accommodate your needs within 24 – 48 hours or soon thereafter. Response will also be governed by the degree of urgency and the nature of the call.

You may also reach us by fax at 972-934-2049 or e-mail us at botany2000inc@yahoo.com

Q:  What is your schedule of work?

A:  Depending on the scale of the project and the scope of work involved, this question needs to be addressed at the beginning of the negotiation process. As no two jobs are alike, we do everything possible to accommodate the customers’ needs and schedule.

Q:  Does Botany 2000, Inc. offer any guarantee?

A:  Our workmanship is guaranteed 100%. Tropical plants are guaranteed according to the specific type of service or contract you select. We stand behind all of our products, replacing anything considered defective. Some guarantees are offered by other manufactures that honor their products. We will assist customers reach a satisfactory outcome in any claim against defects.

Q:  What are your job-site safety procedures?

A:  Technical and field staff are continually undergoing training as new customers, new practices, local, State and Government regulations and requirements dictate. We are firm in the belief that prevention is better than cure.
We are cognizant of the need for safety and well-being of our customers, staff and the general public, including child safety and animal welfare. Every effort is made to ensure that these practices are upheld.

Q:  What are your areas of operation (Cities) (types of facilities) etc?

A:  The Dallas / Fort-Worth Metroplex. We have worked in other regions of the State and would consider and welcome other worthy challenges further afield.
If a building has sufficient lighting, we can install plants and service them. Our range of facilities includes upscale residences, commercial buildings, hotels, airports, restaurants and clubs, retail stores, malls, medical facilities, spas, high-rise condominiums and buildings within municipalities are examples. 

Q:  Do you provide consultation?

A: We will gladly advise you on any matter of Interior Plantscape work. Whether you have new or established plants, you are undecided about which way to go with a project or need diagnostic help for an ailing plant; we will be pleased to assist you in creating a winning formula.

Q:  Can Botany 2000 assist us with our Design needs?

A:  With 30 years experience we have encountered many design concepts and challenges. We can design anything from a bottle garden to an atrium to a high-rise project and beyond. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your design needs with you. Please call us to set up an appointment.

Q:  Can I rent plants and planters for a short term?

A:  We generally do not provide this service except upon invitation by our contract customers. If you need this service for a wedding, auto show or similar event for 1 – 7 day period, you can find renters under the listing of “Plant Rentals” in most Yellow Page directories, or on-line.

Q:  Should I lease or purchase plants and decorative planters? Please help me decide!

A:  Lease vs. purchase is either a personal preference or a monetary choice.
The lease agreement extends for a minimum period of 12 months with the Lessee responsible for all 12 monthly payments, despite reasons for early cancellation. There are greater stipulations involved in the lease option because Botany 2000 is in effect, financing your Interior Plantscape which includes the plants, decorative planters and supporting accessories.
Provided that the commercial building environment is sufficiently controlled to provide a stable environment for the living plants, then anticipated loss and plant replacement would be low. On the other hand, a poor environment may incur accelerated plant loss resulting in higher expenses for the Lessee. A deposit is required to begin the lease process. Call for details.

The purchase option is usually a one time expense that includes all materials outlined in our proposal. Payment in full is expected upon completion of the installation unless it is staggered by agreement, or a delay in obtaining all proposed materials is encountered. New customers must provide a deposit of 50% of the proposed items until a good credit record is established.

[The lease option is not available for residences].

Q:  Do you maintain a privacy policy for your customers?

A:  Absolutely! We do not divulge or share any information that our customers have entrusted with us. We honor your privacy.

Q:  Do I need to provide anything for the plants supplied by Botany 2000?

A:  We provide all equipment and supplies necessary to grow and care for your plants. You are encouraged to maintain a stable environment and provide access for our staff to perform their duties. 

Q:  What should I do if a plant looks sick or dying?

A:  If the patient is covered under our purchase or lease option we will do everything in our horticultural power to restore the plant to good health.
If the patient is not covered by any of our contracts, we can provide a service call and set up a time to examine your plants at that time. The fee for this service is usually $65.00 per hour, with travel time included in the hourly rate to offset fuel, vehicle costs and driving time. Please call to discuss your needs.

Q:  Does Botany 2000 supply qualified staff?

A:  Most definitely. Our reputation is built on professionalism. We clearly understand that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. As a close team, we are constantly improving our team standards that translate to better performance and value to our customers. Currently, each of our staff members has from 7 to 30 years experience.
Staff must pass a comprehensive test before they are eligible for pay-raises or promotion. Our Technicians are uniformed and carry photo ID badges. Service personnel are trained in customer service and are ready to help you with any questions you have about your plant collection.
New applicants undergo an extensive interview to establish personality traits, knowledge base, prior experience, ambition and overall suitability. Criminal background checks are mandatory before an applicant can be considered for the job.

Q:  Can I reproduce any of the plants and planter images I see on your website?

A: As all of our material is copyrighted, it would be advisable to request permission before you attempt to use it.

Q:  Is there a fee for consultation?

A:  Depending on your circumstances, we generally do not charge for this service unless it turns out to be a time-consuming production, or you are using our service for comparative quotes with no intention of using our services.
We believe our time is just as valuable as yours and should not be wasted on counter-productive exercises. If you accept our services, we credit any fee against your purchase.

Q:  We have a limited budget for living plants - can you still help us?

A:  We feel it is imperative to have a budget or at least some agreement on how much you are willing to spend. Outside of this decision it is just time- wasting guess work that can lead to disappointment and delays. If we know your budget from the beginning, we most likely can meet your expectations. Realistic approaches can lead to realistic results! Involve us early in the decision making process so that we can do all we can to help you.

Q:  How can you help us to green-up the mass of cubicles we have?

A:   We have several options to green-up this area of your offices. We can incorporate tall, slim floor plants combined with color-coordinated planter boxes that sit on top of the file bins or affixed to concealed brackets that fit comfortably on top of the divider walls. Most recently we have seen a wider selection of wall hangers and sconces that will accommodate ivy’s and other decorative foliage. Again, all of these items are available in different shapes, colors and textures. There is no excuse for boring, counterproductive work environments anymore.

Q:  Our offices are low lit. Can Botany 2000 help us to grow some plants in this difficult environment?

A:  Yes we can. Although this presents a more challenging environment, we can use tropical plants that are more tolerant of these conditions. The varieties of plants are limited when compared to a well lit space but with some ingenuity; we can make your space attractive. In very low lighted conditions, we may advise against the use of living plants in favor of preserved natural plants or silk plants. We recommend supplemental lighting in certain cases. This will extend the life of the living plants as well as provide accent lighting for effect and security. 

Q:  Our home and office needs a face-lift. How can you help us?

A:  We have seen all sorts of interior environments over the years. With our wide selection of decorative planters, lush tropicals and exotic seasonal color, we can transform any environment into the twenty first century, or, simply retain that old world charm and cozy atmosphere. There is an abundance of natural materials that can further enhance your plant collection including stone or rock, special lighting and water features. If your needs extend beyond our tropical plants, you might want to contact the superior interior designers, decorators or florists listed in our “links” area.

Q:  We love our plants but they look old, tired and overgrown. Can Botany 2000 make them well and attractive again?

A:  We most certainly can help you. We know people get attached or sentimental about their plants. They have cared for them for years with all their ups and downs, but now help is needed, we don’t want to throw them away, do we?
A makeover can be fun and cost effective. We categorize this action under initial cleanup and remedial work. We often add new plants, regroup your old favorites and apply various horticultural practices to restore you plants to a new level of beauty and purpose. Charges for this work are like that of the service call, with additional charges for plants and accessories that are used.

Q:  What varieties of flowering plants will do well in our home or office?

A:  There are several options that work best with good lighting and fewer in poor lighting. Longevity is an important consideration. We all like value for money so here are a few suggestions. For 2-3 weeks, Chrysanthemums, Cineraria, Gloxinia and Primula. 3-5 weeks, Azalea, Kalanchoe, Cyclamen and Gerbera Daisy. 5-8+ weeks, Bromeliads, Orchids, Anthurium and colorful foliage plants like Begonia, Croton and coleus.
We can supply many other flowering and color foliage plants in different sizes and throughout the various seasons. Check out our plant images.

Q:  We leave town a lot; can Botany 2000 still arrange to take care of our house plants while we are away?

A:  Most certainly. We will finalize arrangements with you so that we can coordinate our visits to coincide with your housekeeper or house sitter as they perform their routine duties. This also permits uninterrupted service on plants that simply won’t wait!

Q:  Does Botany 2000 extend its services outdoors?

A:  We provide full services for balconies, patios and pool-sides. This program ranges from consultation, design, installation and maintenance, including upgrade and remedial work, to suite your style.

Q:  Our home has several expensive antique carpets and furniture pieces that we don’t want damaged by water or service operations. How can you assure us that our investments will be protected?

A:  Every effort is made to protect personal property. Decorative planters are made watertight while ceramic planters are placed on acrylic discs that elevate the base of the planter sufficiently enough to allow unrestricted air flow beneath the planter. In this manner, air flow keeps the base dry and mould free and the flooring stain free. Decorative planters on furniture are placed on cork mats and/or acrylic mats to protect the surface.
Q:  Several plant companies we have used in the past have raised their fees within six months of us signing a contract with them. Will you do this also?

A:  Not unless you add several more plants to the service contract. Your guaranteed replacement contract forces us to replace plants costing significantly higher rates than what we paid for them at the beginning of our original agreement. Fuel, labor, parking and other escalating costs prohibit us from operating at the original fee. Some of our customers have not seen price increases from us in many years as we have used our ingenuity and technology to keep our services cost effective.

Q:  Will we see the same service person each week? The other company sent a new technician almost every week. I had to spend my valuable time away from regular work to show these new people where to find the plants and water supply!

A:  This seems to be a common concern with the prospects we have interviewed over the years. From our standpoint, you should see the same Technician every week, on the same day, around the same time. Customers like our routine because they may want the Technician to help them with a plant related activity. They can make their plans when they are certain we will be there. Schedules may vary slightly in the event of National holidays that our company observes, sickness or vacation. Usually, your plants will be serviced on the next business day.
We prefer to keep the same Technician on the same accounts because they are familiar with the routine and historical knowledge of the plants they service. Some of our staff has managed the same accounts for over 20 years. You should be free to perform your duties without holding our hand every week!

Q:  Our housekeeper only works two part days a week. Can your service still accommodate us when she is there?

A:  We can usually accommodate this request.

Q:  We have large-scale commercial properties around the country that have existing plants or need upgrading and new plants. Does Botany 2000 provide expertise that will bring all of our properties to top grade?

A:  We will be pleased to consult with you on this matter. Remember that a budget will help both of us. Please call or e-mail your inquiry and we will respond quickly.

Q:  Does Botany 2000 provide educational presentations about the Interior Plantscape industry to business and professional organizations?

A:  We do provide educational programs to garden clubs, businesses and business organizations, schools and colleges. These presentations focus on the Interior Plantscape business and The Green Industry as a whole. If you are interested in such a presentation please contact us for further discussion and arrangements.

Q:  I am a biology teacher at a local school. I wanted our children to learn more about the important role plants play in our daily lives, as a part of our earth study project. I have heard about “The Green Industry” and wondered if you provide classroom presentations that will extend the information I give and perhaps show our students some real live plants that you use in your line of work. We also like the idea of using tropical plants for our studies because they are available year-round. We want our students to take an active interest in living things, and to consider careers involving plants and nature when they eventually graduate.

A:  We would be glad to help you and your students in this respect. We offer several programs that address your needs by explaining the correlations that the “The Green Industry” and the tropical rainforest play in our daily lives. We explain in our presentations how all of this directly contributes to your classroom or laboratory studies in a positive and relative way, which you and your students will easily comprehend. Please call or e-mail your inquiry. We look forward to helping you. 

Q:  What career opportunities exist within the Interior Plantscape industry?

A:  As part of “The Green Industry” network of professionals, there are a number of career opportunities for experienced Horticulturists in this industry. A well rounded, enthusiastic individual with a good education or degree should be able to progress fairly quickly in this profession. With the right aptitude, a new entrant could progress from Technician to Lead Technician up to manager within 3-5 years. After that there are opportunities for regional manager, consultant or diagnostician in pathology, special services and beyond. While new entrants are always welcome, they may not possess the necessary skills and experience to be left alone for long without constant supervision, even after periods of prolonged field training. So much of this business tends to be established through several years of hands-on experience. It is important for new entrants to familiarize themselves with the seasonal changes and effects on plants they will encounter inside different building environments in order to really grasp this business adequately.

Q:  How does Botany 2000 deal with pest and disease problems?

A:  Avoid them in the first place by carefully selecting clean, healthy plants. We avoid poisonous chemicals and believe they have no place in enclosed environments were the air is shared by people and animals.
Plants that do exhibit pests and diseases are treated with safe and organically derived substances which include Ultra Fine Oil, Isopropyl Alcohol, Supersaturated Soaps and Neem Oil (from the seeds of the Indian Neem Tree).
On large accounts we have successfully used Biological Control to kill pests by their natural predators. These forms of control are safe, odorless and effective. We also use integrated pest management control by using a combination of organic substances and predators in select environments. The oldest method is to remove as many pests as possible by hand picking them off the plant if the pests have just begun their attack.

Q:  What is the frequency of the billing cycle?

A:  Invoices are generated on the first day of each month for charges incurred during the previous month for contract customers.
Other charges are due upon receipt or completion of a service call for non-contract customers.

Q:  What are your Terms?

A:  Usually net-30 days for established accounts with good credit. Finance charges will accrue on unpaid balances. New commercial and residential customers are required to provide a 50% deposit for new installation work until a good credit history is established. Infrequent service calls require payment upon completion of work.

Q:  What payment options does Botany 2000 accept? Will you accept credit cards?

A:  We accept personal and company bank checks, Visa and MasterCard credit cards, cash, money-orders, wire transfers and on-line banking.