Commercial Services

The appearance of your interior environment speaks volumes about your company and your management style. Why not invite Botany 2000, Inc.™ to create a great image for your facility as we integrate colorful flowering plants and imaginative greenery, for that all-important ‘first impression’ and V.I.P. visit. Botany 2000, Inc.™ can provide an inviting and comfortable environment that will enhance your offices and building environment by adding value to the facility. This transformation will enhance your prestigious image as an office manager, building manager or owner. Visitors will be inspired by the ambience you have created. Remember that people like to work in an attractive environment; tenants stay longer and prospective tenants are encouraged or compelled to sign a lease in a building that shows you care! Perhaps your existing Interior Plantscape is in need of an upgrade. When was the last time it was given a face-lift? With our lush tropicals and flowering plants from around the world, Botany 2000, Inc. can make a world of difference for you.

Botany 2000, Inc. specializes in the commercial real estate market including general office areas, private offices, malls, churches, manufacturing facilities, hotels, airports, medical facilities, retail, and educational facilities, for example. Botany 2000, Inc is proud of its many prominent customers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroxplex.