Residential Service
There’s no place like home!

We fully understand the exacting needs of our discerning customers. We carefully listen to what they want to share with us about their expectations for a specific outcome. Frequently we work alongside professional Interior Designers who coordinate the demands of our valuable customers with us. At Botany 2000, Inc.™ we take up the challenge to meet or beat your expectations by paying great attention to details. We understand that it is frequently the little details that make a difference. Residential interiors provide an opportunity for considerable diversity, both in the range of plant species and the decorative planters that can be integrated into so many types of décor. Why not combine these elements with unique flowering plants, select mosses or decorative stones and rock? Include creative lighting, water features and other complementary materials to enhance your unique environment!

Your lifestyle is important, it is your signature, you like to make a statement, and we want to help you make the most from your investment. The Botany 2000, Inc.™ staff will complement or transform your existing decor to a new and exciting level and keep it that way. I would say furthermore, we will work with your schedule as far as possible to ensure uninterrupted professional care of your plants beyond the installation or upgrade phase.