Opportunities for employment arise from time to time.

If you wish to become part of the Botany 2000, Inc. Team, please submit your resume' or curriculum vitae via fax or e-mail to the addresses listed on this web site.

All applications must show educational and work history including positions held showing full-time or part-time and the duration of each activity. Include the names and address of educational and vocational establishments including the name of the Supervisor you reported to and any other pertinent detail that will help us qualify you for interview.

Botany 2000, Inc. conducts background checks and verifies the information submitted on all applications without exception.

Horticultural Services Technician:

Job Description:

  • This position requires a complete understanding person will perform designated horticultural practices and principles to provide superior quality work on tropical plants serviced by Botany 2000, Inc. for its clients in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas.

  • This person must possess a clear understanding of the scope of work related to each project as well as an excellent knowledge about a wide range of tropical and flowering plants used in our accounts.

  • Will have the ability to identify plants by their Latin (scientific name) and common names.

  • Have a clear understanding about any plants application for horticultural and aesthetic needs with some considerations for specific environments that can exist within any given Interior Plantscape project.

  • Identify and remedy plant pests, diseases, physiological disorders and environmental influences that can jeopardize plant health and vitality.

  • Can work in such a manner as to keep plant replacements to a minimum.

  • Will perform all duties as outlined in contracts presented by Botany 2000, Inc to its clients.

  • Will always perform duties in a professional and business-like manner that serves to maintain the integrity and reputation of Botany 2000, Inc., its staff, representatives, affiliates and customers.

  • Technician further agree to dress in a professional manner that is consistent with the policies of Botany 2000, Inc. including the wearing of specialized clothing provided by the company for day to day activities or protection.

  • Technician further agrees to abide by the policies, procedures and byelaws of this corporation at all times, whether on the job or off the job as applicable.

  • The Horticultural Services Technician agrees to inspire, train and promote good standards with other full, part-time or seasonal assistants that are engaged to provide services at Botany 2000, Inc.

  • Technician will be responsible for maintaining daily time sheets; work-orders, job-site reports and any other relevant documentation needed to maintain logistical; legal and safety information.


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